We use Pitts21 brackets for the following reasons:​

  • They are the first and only self-ligating system that provides 3D control earlier and throughout treatment.
  • The revolutionary square wire finishing uses 30-40% lighter forces* with greater control, comfort, and sliding mechanics.
  • The smooth rounded edges ensure patients have the most comfortable experience.
  • It’s unique door sliding design creates improved control of rotation and torque while providing enhanced structural stability.
  • These brackets have a .021 precision slot depth. This provides a tighter pairing between the wire and the bracket leading to earlier engagement, improved torque, and better control.
  • The one piece base/bracket creates an optimum pad-to-tooth and bond strength resulting in fewer debonding issues.

Overall the Pitts21 brackets provide:​

  • Efficient Tooth Movement.
  • Reduced Treatment Time
  • Remarkable Patient Comfort
  • And Most Importantly A Stunning Smile!